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The Obelisk

7/30/2019 Track Premier and CD Review
“I’ll be honest with you. Probably more honest than I need to be. I hear a lot of heavy rock-based bands. Not all of them by any stretch, but plenty. And as with any genre or style of anything — literature, music, art, film, cooking, whatever — there are a lot of commonalities between bands. So many riffs, so many white dudes, so much beer. When it gets exhausting, and I get to hear a band like Ghost:Hello, who have a clear will toward being forward-thinking and individualized with their sound and whose debut seems only to preface more oddities to come, I can’t help but feel refreshed. The Sound of Color in Space is definitely a first step, and I’d love to hear Ghost:Hello experiment further with arrangement, start banging on pots and pans, work in some dance beats alongside heavy-as-hell basslines, etc., but the point is that even in evoking such thoughts in the mind of their audience, they’re encouraging creativity in response to creativity, and that is what good art should do. So thanks. I needed that.”

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The Killchain

Album Review 08/04/19
Equal parts driving stoner rock and weird darkwave, Ghost:Hello have released one of this year’s most interesting records.


Doomed & Stoned

The Sound of color in space Track Premiere - 6/6/19

However you slice it, Ghost:Hello is absolutely entrancing. Seriously, once I started listening to ‘Sound of Color in Space’ (2019), I couldn’t stop. Every song has something odd, unusual, or otherwise interesting to tune into, gracing an already accomplished rhythm section that keeps your head bopping and lyrics that will haunt your earspace long after the spin is over.


Supercorrupter blog

Album Review 6/7/19

”The ending of the song seems to devolve into a wash of noise and conflict, pulling apart like a poorly constructed re-entry vehicle before congealing on the main groove to wrap it up nicely”


Kobr Magazine - Germany

The Sound Of Color in Space Review 6/6/2019
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”No question - with "Sound of Color in Space", GHOST: HELLO should raise their profile even further. In any case, they will more than meet the higher demands.”

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Alternative Control

The Sound of Color In Space Blurb - 5/31/2019
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”Cacophonous one moment and quiet the next, their upcoming album The Sound of Color and Space is a wild ride”


Metal Force - Italy


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Pete’s Rock news and views

Press Release 2/28/2019

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Slavestate - Sweden

Blog post 05/19/19
“Ohio-trio Ghost: Hello describes itself as a "synthed up stoner rock trio" and it is nothing you hear right away daily."


Kick Ass Forever

Press Release 05/28/19


Nine Circles

Interview with William Jennings 03/27/19

We all grew up with music in our households, both Nina (Rich, synth/vocals) & Joe (Kidd, drums/vocals) had drummers living at home and were super into it. I had a wealth of 8-tracks and cassettes belonging to my dad that I was always looting. From there all roads just kinda lead to making music.

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Glacially Musical

Interview Between Joe Kidd & Glacially Musical 6/17/19

”You can preorder The Sound of Color in Space on their Bandcamp page. In the meantime though, let's find out what kinds of albums they dig, mmkay?”

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Metal Temple

Album Review 08/23/19
This is truly a surreal experience.