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The Mouth of the Gift Horse

by Ghost:Hello




Ghost:Hello is a 3 piece Eccentric Rock and Roll band, With its own acute style.
 Uniquely blending deep haunting synthesizers, Blazing fuzz bass, and a “freight train on cocaine” percussion section. Ghost:Hello is slamming their way into the hearts and minds of their avid listeners.  

Ghost:Hello began as far back as 2014, but as drummer Joe Kidd was touring  extensively in Europe with his band at the time, very little occurred for a handful of years.  After a return home to the States, conversation turned to getting back to work with William on Ghost:Hello.  

The band took a new angle with the addition of Nina and her synthesizers, samples, and  theremin, to their previous original bass and drums combo. Loud aggressive rock and roll now took on new and sometimes ethereal forms.  
Immediately after the addition of Nina the band began writing and entered the pre-production phase of their debut album (various early limited local physical releases not withstanding, if any may still exist) Which will be recorded March/April 2019

While live shows were common around the inception of the band, including a spattering of touring in the tri-state area, 2019  will mark a whole new level of Live performance for Ghost:Hello.